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Estrogen Receptor Positive Breast Cancer: Aromatase Inhibitor Response Study

Highly variable outcomes are observed in patients with estrogen receptor positive (ER+) breast cancer who undergo preoperative estrogen deprivation therapy with aromatase inhibitors (AI). In this study, 46 baseline tumor and normal genomes and 31 baseline tumor/normal exomes of participants selected from two clinical trials of neoadjuvant AI therapy on ER+ breast cancer were sequenced to identify somatic alterations that correlate with response to AI, to screen for therapeutic targets and to elucidate the genetic landscape of ER+ breast cancer. From the same set of patients we later performed deep genomic characterization of a subset of matched primary tumors after four months of AI therapy, generating comprehensive information about the range of changes that occur when ER+ breast cancers are subjected to estrogen deprivation. This data includes whole genome sequence and transcriptome data. To better understand tumor heterogeneity and the evolution of resistance to estrogen-deprivation therapy, a subset of these tumours, along with 38 additional cases were sequenced to greater depth using targeted capture with a gene panel.