NHLBI and NIDDK Sponsored GWAS in Benign Ethnic Neutropenia/Leukopenia (BEN) in African-Americans (age >45 yrs old) from the REGARDS

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Benign ethnic neutropenia (BEN) is a clinical condition more commonly observed in African-Americans. It is characterized by a relative reduction in neutrophil count by about 1000 cells per microliter, leading to a decrease in total leukocyte count by similar decrement. Previous reports of this condition showed that there was neither higher frequency nor increased severity of infections in affected individuals. Bone marrow examinations showed normal white cell maturation; and ex vivo culture of marrow cells showed low normal or slightly reduced number of myeloid colonies. Under physiologic stress, the increases in neutrophil and leukocyte counts of BEN individuals are slightly lower, compared to normal African-Americans or Caucasians. These clinical observations suggest that BEN results from a lower 'set point' for cell number in the marrow. Additionally, case reports of familial BEN, the persistence of BEN over many decades in the US, UK, and Africa, and the recent report of Duffy antigen and chemokine receptor (DARC) being associated with neutropenia, all suggest a ... (Show More)

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