A Genome-Wide Association Study in Breast Cancer Patients from the Prospectively Randomized SUCCESS Trial

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The SUCCESS-A Study ( is a randomized Phase III study of response to treatment of early primary breast cancer with adjuvant therapy after surgical resection. The primary outcome is disease-free survival and secondary outcomes are overall survival and toxicity. The study design includes comparison of two pairs of treatment regimes performed in sequence. The first randomization contrasts treatment with and without Gemcitabine (3 cycles of Epirubicin-Fluorouracil-Cyclophosphamide(FEC)-chemotherapy, followed by 3 cycles of Docetaxel(D)-chemotherapy versus 3 cycles of Epirubicin-Fluorouracil-Cyclophosphamide(FEC), followed by 3 cycles of Gemcitabine-Docetaxel(DG)-chemotherapy). The second randomization contrasts treatment with Zoledronate for two versus five years. Patients were recruited from 2005 to 2007 and a total of 3754 patients were included from 250 study sites across Germany. Genome-wide SNP microarray data and phenotype outcomes for the first phase of the study (treatment with and without Gemcitabine) ... (Show More)

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