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As part of Population Architecture using Genomics and Epidemiology PAGE study (Phase I), the Epidemiologic Architecture using Genomics and Epidemiology (EAGLE I) project accessed both epidemiologic- and clinic-based collections. The epidemiologic-based collection of EAGLE I included the National Health and Nutritional Examination Surveys (NHANES), ascertained between 1991-1994 (NHANES III), 1999-2002, and 2007-2008. NHANES is a population-based cross-sectional survey now conducted every year in the United States to assess the health status of Americans at the time of ascertainment and to assess trends over the years of survey. Genetic NHANES consists of 19,613 DNA samples linked to thousands of variables including demographics, health and lifestyle variables, physical examination variables, laboratory variables, and exposures. NHANES is diverse with almost one-half of the samples (46.4%) coming from self-reported Mexican Americans and non-Hispanic blacks. In contrast to NHANES, BioVU is a clinic-based collection of >150,000 DNA samples from Vanderbilt University Medical ... (Show More)

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