Ecological Stressors, PTSD, and Drug Use in Detroit: The Detroit Neighborhood Health Study (DNHS)

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The Detroit Neighborhood Health Study (DNHS) is a prospective, representative longitudinal cohort study of predominantly African American adults living in Detroit, Michigan. The overall goal of the DNHS is to identify how genetic variation, lifetime experience of stressful and traumatic events, and features of the neighborhood environment predict psychopathology and behavior. Cohort participants were selected with a dual-frame probability design, using telephone numbers obtained from the U.S. Postal Service Delivery Sequence Files as well as a listed-assisted random-digit-dial frame. Individuals without listed landlines or telephones and individuals with only a cell phone listed were invited to participate through a postal mail effort. Participants completed a 40 minute, structured telephone interview annually between 2008-2012 to assess perceptions of participants' neighborhoods, mental and physical health status, social support, exposure to traumatic events, and alcohol and tobacco use; each participant was compensated $25USD. All survey participants were offered the ... (Show More)

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