Population Architecture using Genomics and Epidemiology (PAGE): Causal Variants Across the Life Course (CALiCo): Strong Heart Study (SHS) and Strong Heart Family Study (SHFS)

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The SHS is a study of cardiovascular disease and its risk factors among American Indian men and women. Using standardized methodology, it was designed to estimate cardiovascular disease mortality and morbidity and the prevalence of known and suspected cardiovascular disease risk factors and to assess the significance of these risk factors in a longitudinal analysis. The study included 13 American Indian tribes and communities in three geographic areas: an area near Phoenix, Arizona, the southwestern area of Oklahoma, and western and central North and South Dakota. The SHS included three components: The first was a survey to determine cardiovascular disease mortality rates from 1984 to 1994 among tribal members aged 35-74 years of age residing in the 3 study areas (the community mortality study). The second was the clinical examination of 4,500 tribal members aged 45-74. The SHS has completed three clinical examinations of the original Cohort (Phase I: 1989-1991; Phase II: 1993-1995; Phase III: 1998- 1999, respectively). The third component is the morbidity and mortality ... (Show More)

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