CIP: Obesity-Diabetes Familial Risk, Viva La Familia Study

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The VIVA LA FAMILIA Study was designed to identify genetic variants influencing childhood obesity and its comorbidities in the Hispanic population. Family recruitment and phenotyping were conducted in 2000-2005 in Houston, TX. All enrolled children (n=1030) and parents gave written informed consent or assent. The protocol was approved by the Institutional Review Boards for Human Subject Research for Baylor College of Medicine and Affiliated Hospitals and for Texas Biomedical Research Institute. The VIVA LA FAMILIA study design and methodology have been described in detail (Butte NF, 2006). Each family was ascertained on an obese proband, defined as a BMI > 95th percentile, between the ages 4-19 y. The cross-sectional, longitudinal study design consisted of baseline measurements, with a one-year. GWAS was performed using the Illumina HumanOmni1 v1.0 BeadChips on 815 children from 263 Hispanic families and HumanOmni 2.5-8v1 on an additional 43 children. Exome sequencing is being performed on 822 children using NimbleGen capture, followed by Illumina DNA sequencing.

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