Cohort-Based Genome-Wide Association Study of Glioma (GliomaScan)

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We conducted a new independent GWAS of adult glioma using 1,856 cases and 4,955 controls from 14 cohort studies belonging to the Cohort Consortium, 3 case-control studies, and 1 population-based case only study. Cases were newly diagnosed glioma [ICDO-3 codes 9380-9480 or equivalent], and controls were cancer-free at the time of glioma diagnosis. We found evidence of strong replication for three of the seven previously reported associations at 20q13.33 (RTEL), 5p15.33 (TERT), and 9p21.3 (CDKN2BAS), and consistent association signals for the remaining four at 7p11.2 (EGFR both loci), 8q24.21 (CCDC26) and 11q23.3 (PHLDB1). The direction and magnitude of the signal were consistent for samples from cohort and case-control studies, but the strength of the association was more pronounced for loci rs6010620 (20q,13.33; RTEL) and rs2736100 (5p15.33, TERT) in cohort studies despite the smaller number of cases in this group, likely due to higher grade tumors being captured in the cohort studies. Our findings suggest that larger studies focusing on novel approaches as well as specific ... (Show More)

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