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Overview. The personalization of therapy for cancer will require molecular characterization of unique and shared genetic aberrations. In particular, patients who have a sarcoma or other rare cancers and are candidates for clinical trials could potentially benefit by identifying eligibility for "targeted" drugs based on the "actionable" genes in their specific tumor. Growing technological advances in genomic sequencing has now made it possible to consider the use of sequence data in a clinical setting. For instance, comprehensive testing that includes whole exome and transcriptome sequencing may identify biomarkers for predictive or prognostic purposes and thereby inform treatment choices and prevention strategies. Thus, the translation of high throughput next generation sequencing would support a "personalized" strategy for cancer. However, the translation of clinical sequencing bears unique challenges including identifying patients who could benefit, developing informed consent and human subjects protections, outlining measurable outcomes, interpreting what results should be ... (Show More)

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