Genomic Analysis of Peripheral T-Cell Lymphomas

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phs000689 Case-Control

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Peripheral T-cell lymphomas (PTCLs) are a heterogeneous and poorly understood group of non Hodgkin lymphomas. We aim to identify new genetic alterations in PTCL transformation by using a combination of whole exome sequencing of tumor-normal DNA pairs, RNAseq analysis and targeted deep sequencing of candidate genes. Our data identified highly recurrent mutations in epigenetic factors such as TET2, DNMT3A and IDH2 as well as a new highly prevalent mutation in RHOA, the G17V allele that is present in almost 70% of angioimmunoblastic T-cell lymphomas (AITL) and almost 20% of not otherwise specified PTCL (PTCL NOS) samples. In addition, we describe new and recurrent genetic defects including mutations in FYN, ATM, B2M and CD58 implicating SRC signaling, impaired DNA damage response and escape from immune surveillance processes as key players in the pathogenesis of PTCL.

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