Osteosarcoma Genomics

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Study Description

In this study we attempt to elucidate the genomic characteristics of osteosarcoma.

Clinical characteristics
58 tumor / normal pairs from 58 patients were included in the study. Median age at diagnosis was 12 years. 49% of the patients were male and 47% had metastases at diagnosis. 5 year overall survival was 49% for the entire population, 33% for patients with metastatic disease and 64% for patients with localized disease. Patients with metastatic disease at diagnosis had a significantly worse overall survival. All cases except 2 were sporadic and no patients had stigmata of Rothmund-Thomson, Bloom's or Werner's syndromes or Paget's disease. Two familial cases were affected siblings from a family in which there were 2 unaffected parents and 2 unaffected siblings. None of the patients had known Li Fraumeni or hereditary retinoblastoma.

Sample Selection and Clinical Data
Samples were contributed by hospitals in Brazil, Spain, Mexico and the United States. All patients had histopathology confirmed to be osteosarcoma by a ... (Show More)

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