Efficacy of a Therapeutic Treatment Trial in Angelman Syndrome

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This study has been designed to evaluate the possible therapeutic benefits of L-5-methyltetrahydrofolate (Metafolin), vitamin B12, creatine and betaine in children with Angelman Syndrome (AS).

This study is based on the hypotheses 1) that dietary manipulation may increase global DNA methylation; 2) that increased methylation of the paternal chromosome in AS participants may increase expression of the Angelman gene causing clinical benefit; and 3) that dietary interventions with Metafolin in conjunction with creatine, betaine, and vitamin B12 would represent little risk, but some chance for benefit. The dietary regimen is felt to be quite benign and safe. The clinical response will be measured by recording: changes in seizure activity, changes in communication skills, changes in developmental skills and changes in behavioral patterns as indicated by formal developmental assessments and clinical evaluations. We will assess the progress of the participants by monitoring their changes from baseline throughout their participation in the study and measure their improvement in ... (Show More)

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