CATHeterization GENetics (CATHGEN)

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phs000703 Longitudinal

Study Description

The CATHGEN biorepository consists of biological samples collected on 9334 sequential consenting individuals undergoing cardiac catheterization at Duke University Medical Center between 2001 and 2010 inclusive. The Institutional Review Board informed consent allowed for 50 mL of blood to be collected from fasting patients through the femoral arterial sheath during the catheterization procedure. Three 7.5 mL EDTA tubes for DNA extraction are stored at -80°C. The Duke Database for Cardiovascular Disease (DDCD) provides the bulk of the clinical data used for analysis. Follow-up includes mortality information gleaned from the National Death Index and Social Security Death Index plus follow-up phone calls and written questionnaires regarding MI, stroke, re-hospitalization, coronary re-vascularization procedures, smoking, exercise, and medication use.

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