Warfarin Pharmacogenetics: Pharmacogenetic Optimization of Anticoagulant Response (POAT) and Genetic and Environmental Determinants of Warfarin Response (GEDWR)

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Although the efficacy of warfarin in the treatment and prevention of thromboembolic disorders is proven, it is vastly underutilized with difficulties in management and risk of complications being the main deterrents. Recognition of genetic regulation of warfarin response has fueled efforts to quantify this influence, but the focus has been restricted to select genes and outcomes mainly in European Americans. Race appears to influence warfarin dose requirements with African Americans requiring larger and Asians requiring lower doses compared to Europeans. This variation in dose requirement by race may at least partially be explained by genetic differences.

The Genetic and Environmental Determinants of Warfarin Response (GEDWR) and the Pharmacogenetic Optimization of Anticoagulation Therapy (POAT) are prospective cohort study aimed at defining the influence of CYP2C9, VKORC1 and other genes. All patients were followed at monthly intervals from initiation of therapy. At each visit factors influencing warfarin response such as warfarin dose, INR, concurrent medications, etc. ... (Show More)

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