University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) Autism Centers of Excellence (ACE) Exome Sequencing Analysis

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Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is highly heritable with recent sibling recurrence risk estimates of 19% overall and 26% in males. The heritable phenotype of hyperserotonemia, or elevated levels of platelet serotonin (5HT), in ~35% of people with ASD is a well-established biomarker. The efficacy of drugs like risperidone and potent serotonin transporter inhibitors at treating behaviors related to Insistence on Sameness, along with evidence of the contribution of hyperserotonemia to autism susceptibility collectively support the hypothesis that dysfunction in the 5HT system is a significant etiological target for investigation of the genetic component to autism. ASD genetic architecture is complex; common variants of large effect do not contribute substantially to overall ASD risk, but there are clearly common variants with small effects and rare genetic/genomic variation of larger effect among ASD genetic risk factors. The NIH ARRA Autism Sequencing Consortium, including Dr. Sutcliffe and Dr. Cook among others, has initiated exome sequencing studies to identify more of the rare ... (Show More)

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