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A large proportion of common cancers affecting patients around the world have been selected for comprehensive cancer genome studies. Further efforts will be needed to tackle the remaining tumor types, including the rare forms of cancers. Although rare, these cancers tend to be more aggressive and fast growing with an early recurrence following initial chemotherapy and poor prognosis. Besides, patients diagnosed with rare cancers may have difficulty finding a physician knowledgeable in treating their type of cancer. While sample collection is a major challenge, the integrated genomic analyses would identify novel causative genes in these rare cancers, shed new light on the biology of the rare cancers, as well as guide novel targeted cancer therapies. Through efficient collaboration, the Human Genome Sequencing Center (HGSC) at Baylor College of Medicine (BCM) has collected/is expected to collect 20 different types of rare cancers, 15-30 cases each. Whole-exome sequencing and high-resolution SNP array analysis were/will be performed for all cases and whole-genome sequencing was ... (Show More)

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