Genome-wide Association Study of Myasthenia Gravis

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The purpose of this project was to conduct a genome-wide associate study to search for the genetic factors that predispose to myasthenia gravis. The rationale for this study lies in the fact that, although the immunological and physiological processes affecting the neuromuscular junctions of myasthenia gravis patients are well understood, the spectrum of genetic factors that predispose to myasthenia gravis and influence its disease manifestations are not well known. Identification of the myasthenia gravis-related genes will shed light on the fundamental cellular events underlying myasthenia gravis, and will provide focus for research aimed at developing therapies that alter the natural course of the disease.

A consortium of fourteen institutions in North America collected DNA samples from 1028 people diagnosed with autoimmune myasthenia gravis. Relevant clinical data have been collected for each patient, including age of onset, severity of disease, response to drug therapy, personal and family history of other autoimmune diseases. Genotyping of the case cohort was ... (Show More)

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