The International Consortium for Prostate Cancer Genetics Genome Wide Association Study of Familial Prostate Cancer

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Initially, the ICPCG focused largely on high-risk prostate cancer pedigrees using linkage analysis. However, association studies have also been informative to find prostate cancer susceptibility variants in the genome. We hypothesize that genome-wide (GW) association studies of familial cases of prostate cancer will have the power to identify rarer and perhaps less penetrant risk variants associated with prostate cancer than have been identified to date. Our approach will be to examine evidence for association in selected, independent cases from high-risk pedigrees; we hypothesize that they represent a more homogeneous set of cases with potentially different associations. Use of the 5M plus exome SNP platform will allow us to include in our search more rare variants in our search than have ever been investigated for prostate cancer.

Aim 1. Identify a set of independent prostate cancer cases selected from ICPCG high-risk prostate cancer pedigrees that have 3 or more related prostate cancer cases and have an average age at diagnosis ≤ 75 years. Identify ... (Show More)

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