Genetics of Lipid Lowering Drugs and Diet Network (GOLDN) Lipidomics Study

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The GOLDN study was initiated to assess how genetic factors interact with environmental (diet and drug) interventions to influence blood levels of triglycerides and other atherogenic lipid species and inflammation markers (registered at, number NCT00083369). The study recruited Caucasian participants primarily from three-generational pedigrees from two NHLBI Family Heart Study (FHS) field centers (Minneapolis, MN and Salt Lake City, UT). Only families with at least two siblings were recruited and only participants who did not take lipid-lowering agents (pharmaceuticals or nutraceuticals) for at least 4 weeks prior to the initial visit were included. A total of 1048 GOLDN participants were included in the diet intervention. The diet intervention followed the protocol of Patsch et al. (1992). The whipping cream (83% fat) meal had 700 Calories/m2 body surface area (2.93 MJ/m2 body surface area): 3% of calories were derived from protein (instant ... (Show More)

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