Genomic Origins and Admixture in Latinos (GOAL)

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The GOAL Study was designed to comprehensively evaluate the genomic architecture of diverse Hispanic/Latino individuals with origins from the Caribbean, Central and South America, and to understand the impact of this diversity on genetic disease studies. Population structure and admixture are key confounders in genome-wide association and medical resequencing studies. In particular, accounting for difference in ancestry among cases and controls, both in terms of genomic and geographic location, is critical for proper analysis and interpretation of studies with multi- and trans-ethnic samples. Genomic studies of Hispanics/Latinos, the largest and fastest growing minority group in the US, reveal that they are a highly genetically heterogeneous admixed group with immense variation among individuals and populations in the proportions of African, European, and Native American ancestry. Knowledge of the underlying complex genetic structure of US Hispanic/Latino and Caribbean populations is, therefore, essential to ensuring robustness of genotype-phenotype associations and ... (Show More)

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