GWAS in Fibrosing Interstitial Lung Disease

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phs000751 Case-Control

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This study was a case-control genome-wide association study of 1616 non-Hispanic white cases and 4683 controls. Under an additive model for the minor allele at each SNP, we identified 19 SNPs, representing 7 chromosomal locations (5p15, 6p24, 7q22, 11p15, 15q14-15, 17q21, and 19p13), with genome-wide significant (P < 5x10-8) associations using the discovery samples included in this submission. We genotyped the 19 genome-wide significant SNPs in addition to 178 SNPs with 5x10-8 < P-value <.0001 and found 4 additional loci (3q26, 4q22, 10q24, and13q34) with genome-wide significant SNPs in the meta-analysis.

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