Exome Sequencing to Identify Medically Relevant Associations in Finnish Sub-Isolate Samples from the FINRISK Cohort

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We propose to undertake, at the McDonnell Genome Institute of Washington University, a collaborative exome sequencing project of ~10,000 samples from a large Finnish population cohort, FINRISK, a participating component of the Sequencing Initiative Suomi (SISu) consortium. Together these sequenced samples will provide a unique resource for identification of infrequent or rare variants with a large impact on cardiovascular and metabolic disorders as well as on a wide range of heritable, disease-related quantitative phenotypes. Our collaborative group has already shown, in exome sequencing studies of smaller Finnish samples, that numerous loss of function variants are dramatically more frequent in Finland compared to other European populations, and that such variants demonstrate strong associations to several disease-related traits. Finland is the largest population isolate in Europe and the enrichment of these variants reflects its rapid growth from a severe population bottleneck about 100 generations ago.

Northern and Eastern parts of Finland experienced additional, more ... (Show More)

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