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Humans interact with countless microorganisms in multiple environments. The Lung HIV Microbiome Project (LHMP) characterized the microbiome of the lung and respiratory tract. This effort provided initial data to develop further hypotheses addressing differences between HIV-infected and HIV-uninfected individuals. The project involved multiple studies, either single center or multiple-center studies. The research design of each study varies with the objective of that study.

The Lung HIV Microbiome Project (LHMP) worked collaboratively to ensure the clinical and scientific integrity and success of this project. The LHMP characterized the microbiome of the lung alone or in combination with the oropharyngeal cavities in HIV-infected individuals and HIV-uninfected controls using molecular techniques to identify bacteria.

Knowledge of the lung microbiome and that of other components of the respiratory tract in healthy and diseased states may lead to the identification of predictors of disease progression and therapeutic targets for translation into better preventive and ... (Show More)

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