Genetic Predictors of Adverse Radiotherapy Effects (Gene-PARE)

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The goal of this study was to identify SNPs and CNPs that are associated with development of normal tissue toxicities resulting from radiotherapy for prostate cancer. The study population includes approximately 1,400 men treated with brachytherapy, external beam radiation therapy, or a combination of the two treatments, and assessed for adverse effects at baseline and following radiotherapy. Three toxicity endpoints were investigated using a two-stage GWAS approach: urinary morbidity, rectal bleeding and erectile dysfunction. The study sample was split into a discovery set (N=367) and a replication set (N=417), and an additional 647 samples, which were not part of this original cohort, were also included as an independent replication set. The replication set was developed via collaboration developed under the framework of the Radiogenomics Consortium (RGC).

The long-term goal of this project, and other radiogenomics projects lead by the RGC, is two-fold: 1) Develop an assay capable of predicting which cancer patients are most likely to develop radiation injuries resulting ... (Show More)

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