Comparison of Custom Capture for Targeted Next Generation DNA Sequencing

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Targeted, capture-based DNA sequencing is an economical way to sequence a customized region of the genome. Several targeted sequencing kits are available, but the efficacies of these kits have not been compared. We appraised four targeted DNA technologies for next generation sequencing, considering on-target sequencing, uniformity, and single nucleotide variation and copy number variation discovery. The technologies which utilized sonication to fragment genomic material showed impressive uniformity of capture. The other two had shorter preparation times, but sacrificed uniformity. One of those technologies, which needs transposase to fragment genomic material, has a weakness that requires all samples be pooled and the final one, which uses restriction enzyme digestion, is limited depending on restriction enzymes digest sites. Naturally, all technologies showed some concordance for calling SNVs, the kits that used restriction enzymes or transposase missed several SNVs, due, in large part, to lack of coverage. All technologies showed high integrity for copy number variant calling ... (Show More)

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