Myocardial Infarction Genetics Exome Sequencing Consortium: Italian Atherosclerosis Thrombosis and Vascular Biology

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Italian Atherosclerosis Thrombosis and Vascular Biology study is a prospective, nationwide, case-control study involving 125 coronary care units in Italy. The cases were patients who were hospitalised for a first MI before the age of 45 years and underwent coronary angiography. Acute MI was defined as resting chest pain lasting more than 30 minutes, accompanied by persistent electrocardiographic changes, and confirmed by an increase in total creatine kinase or in the MB fraction to more than twice the upper normal limits. The controls were healthy subjects without a history of thromboembolic disease who were unrelated to the patients, but individually matched with them by age, gender and geographical origin. They were enrolled from among the blood donors or staff of the same participating hospitals. Recruitment of cases and controls took place between 1994 and 2007.

All exome sequencing was performed at the Broad Institute of Harvard and MIT; samples sequence capture was performed using Agilent SureSelect Human All Exon Kit v2 and sequencing was performed on an Illumina ... (Show More)

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