Genome-Wide Discovery of Novel Breast Cancer Predisposing Mutations

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Cancer risk shows clear heritability, but the inherited genetic factors remain largely unknown. This project will seek to identify new genes in which mutations confer hereditary risk for early onset breast cancer, with important implications for both biological understanding and clinical prediction and prevention. Identifying cancer predisposing mutations can provide new biological insights and significantly impact important clinical decision making regarding treatment, surveillance and preventive approaches. Examples include the BRCA1 breast cancer susceptibility gene, which affects treatment decisions (surgical management), surveillance (frequent breast MRI) and prevention (oophorectory for prevention of ovarian cancer). Hereditary early onset breast cancer patients commonly present to Cancer Genetics clinics, but the majority of these patients do not have identifiable mutations in known candidate genes. Here, we will perform whole exome sequencing to discover novel cancer susceptibility genes. The patients have been recruited from Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (PIs ... (Show More)

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