Efficacy of Bitter Taste Blockers on Flavor Acceptance in a Human Population

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The goal of this project is to determine variation in human bitter perception and the effectiveness of bitter blockers in individuals of different genotypes. The project is based on the parent project titled "Efficacy of bitter taste blockers on flavor acceptance in pediatric population", which addresses how bitter taste perception affects medication compliance. As a part of the parent project, mothers and their children were recruited from the general population of metropolitan Philadelphia through print and internet media as well as from a database of past research participants. Adults (mothers) were evaluated in the laboratory for bitter taste perception for a variety of "Generally Recognized As Safe" (GRAS) bitter compounds using the general Labeled Magnitude Scale (gLMS) which allows subjects to rate sensory intensity. Mothers were also evaluated for perception of the liquid formulation of the drug KaletraTM, a recommended 1st line treatment for infants with HIV infection, whose taste is rejected by some children and accepted well by others. DNA samples from ... (Show More)

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