Genome-Wide Association Study of Endometrial Cancer in the Epidemiology of Endometrial Cancer Consortium (E2C2)

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phs000893 Case-Control

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Endometrial cancer, the most common gynecological malignancy in the United States, has both an environmental and genetic component. To this end, we conducted a genome-wide association study to identify genes involved in endometrial cancer using studies from the NCI-supported Epidemiology of Endometrial Cancer Consortium (E2C2). For the discovery stage we included samples from 6 cohort and 7 case control studies through 2007. The total number of cases genotyped were 2,307, white women of European descent, and 2,307 matched controls using the Illumina HumanOmniExpress platform. We conducted the replication using the Infinium HumanExome BeadChip, which successfully genotyped 177,139 variants in 1055 cases and 1778 controls from four ethnically diverse studies that are part of the Epidemiology of Endometrial Cancer Consortium (E2C2). The overall goal is to determine whether certain genotypes are predictive of future endometrial cancer risk, and whether the genotypes interact with established endometrial risk factors.

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