Mayo Clinic and Illumina Collaborative Early Stage Ovarian Cancer (ESOC) Study

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Twenty five patients with early stage carcinoma (Stage I and II) of the ovary were consented for this study. As part of a collaborative agreement with Illumina Inc, Tumor-DNA and patient matched normal DNA from blood underwent whole genome sequencing and microarray genotyping and RNA underwent RNASeq. Tissue also underwent IHC staining for TP53 mutations. The aim of the study was to profile the genomic landscape of these early tumors to discover biomarkers for early detection or subgrouping into different genomic or outcome subgroups. Analyses performed include somatic mutation analysis, RNASeq mutation analysis, LOH analysis, structural variant detection.

The current release of this study focusses on 17 patients with serous carcinoma and stage 1 or 2 and with high grade (3 or 4).

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