Genomic Analysis of Mycosis Fungoides and Sézary Syndrome Identifies Recurrent Alterations in TNFR2

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Mycosis Fungoides (MF) and Sézary Syndrome (Sz) comprise the majority of Cutaneous T-Cell Lymphoma (CTCL) cases and are characterized by clinical heterogeneity. This array of symptoms includes skin patches, plaques and tumors as well as blood involvement and erythroderma. Because the genetic basis of CTCL is still poorly understood, we performed whole-exome sequencing on 11 MF/Sz samples and their matched, normal control DNA. Upon analyzing this data, we distilled a list of an additional 494 genes to be sequenced at depth. The majority of these 494 genes were sequenced in the exons alone, however, for a small subset of these genes we sequenced the entire genomic locus in search of structural variation events. This 494 gene targeted resequencing effort was performed upon 72 patients with MF/Sz and their matched, normal control DNA. An additional 5 MF/Sz and matched, normal DNA samples underwent whole genome amplification (WGA) prior to library preparation, which appears to have introduced mutations into these samples, however we also include them here. We additionally ... (Show More)

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