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Most prostate cancer deaths are caused by metastatic, castration resistant disease (mCRPC). To develop a precision medicine framework for mCRPC, we established a multi-institutional, international clinical sequencing infrastructure to enroll and carry out prospective whole exome and transcriptome sequencing of tumors from a cohort of mCRPC patients. We obtained high quality DNA and RNA sequence data from 150 bone or soft tissue biopsies. Central pathology revealed high-grade adenocarcinoma with only four cases (3.6%) showing neuroendocrine differentiation. Aberrations of AR, ETS genes, TP53 and PTEN were frequent (40-60% of cases), with TP53 and AR alterations being the most enriched in mCRPC compared to primary prostate cancer. We identified novel genomic alterations in PIK3CA/B (fusions and mutations); R-spondin, BRAF and RAF1 (fusions); APC (inactivating mutations); delta-catenin (missense mutations); and ZBTB16/PLZF (homozygous deletions). Aberrations of BRCA2, BRCA1 and ATM were observed at substantially higher frequencies (19.3% overall) than seen in primary prostate ... (Show More)

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