CSER: Clinical Implementation of Carrier Testing Using Next Generation Sequencing (NextGen)

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We will investigate the clinical implementation of genome sequencing (GS) for carrier screening to aid reproductive decision-making in adults. The study is organized into three inter-related Projects. The study population will include women and their partners who receive pre-conception testing. In Project 1, we will conduct a Randomized Clinical Trial to test clinical implementation of WGS compared with usual care. We will integrate WGS results with the electronic medical record (EMR), and measure outcomes from patient and physician perspectives. In Project 2, we will perform whole genome sequencing, including validation and interpretation of the identified variants to identify "actionable variants", meaning variants deemed worthy of reporting. This will include a robust approach using a Return of Results Committee (RORC) for determination of reportable results. In Project 3, we will evaluate the ethical and psychosocial implications of expanded carrier screening using WGS for the return of carrier status and secondary findings, and measure the ... (Show More)

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