DMET Genes, Nicotine Metabolism and Prospective Abstinence

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This study (DA033813; PI: Andrew W Bergen; PMID:26132489) includes samples from two laboratory studies of nicotine metabolism. The Pharmacokinetics of Nicotine Metabolism in Twins study (PKTWIN; PI: Gary E Swan; PMID: 15527659) was based on recruitment from a twin registry (PMID: 23084148). The Integrated Research Project on Tobacco Use and Dependence (IRP; PI: Gary E Swan; PMID: 14578134) was based on recruitment from a pedigree-based longitudinal study of risk factors for substance use, the Smoking in Families study (SMOFAM; DA03706; PI: Hy Hops). These two laboratory studies (PKTWIN and IRP/SMOFAM) served as the Stage I dataset to interrogate Drug Metabolizing Enzyme and Transporter genes with a targeted SNP array for association with the Nicotine Metabolite Ratio (NMR, ratio of trans-3'-hydroxycotinine and cotinine), an ... (Show More)

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