Evaluation of Hybridization Capture versus Amplicon-based Methods for Whole Exome Sequencing

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Next generation sequencing has aided characterization of genomic variation. While whole genome sequencing may capture all possible mutations, whole exome sequencing is more cost-effective and captures most phenotype-altering mutations. Initial strategies for exome enrichment utilized a hybridization-based capture approach. Recently, amplicon-based methods were designed to simplify preparation and utilize smaller DNA inputs. We appraised two hybridization capture-based and two amplicon-based whole exome sequencing methods, utilizing both Illumina and Ion Torrent sequencers, comparing on-target alignment, uniformity, and variant calling. While the amplicon methods had higher on-target rates, the hybridization capture-based approaches showed better uniformity. All methods identified many of the same single nucleotide variants, but each amplicon-based method missed variants detected by the other three methods and reported additional variants discordant with all three other technologies. Many of these potential false positives or negatives appear to result from limited coverage, low ... (Show More)

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