eMERGE Phase III Clinical Center at Partners HealthCare

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The Partners HealthCare Biobank is a large research data and sample repository working within the framework of Partners Personalized Medicine. It provides researchers access to high quality, consented samples to help foster research, advance understanding of the causes of common diseases, and advance the practice of medicine. The Partners Biobank provides banked samples (plasma, serum and DNA) collected from consented patients. These samples are available for distribution to Partners HealthCare investigators with appropriate approval from the Partners Institutional Review board (IRB). They are linked to clinical data that originates in the Electronic Medical Record (EMR), as well as additional health information collected in a self-reported survey.

The Partners Biobank will be genotyping 25,000 subjects with the Illumina Multiethnic Beadchip 1.6 million SNPs with exome and custom content (> 60,000 LoFs). Of the participants genotyped so far, 4929 of 4962 (99.3%) individuals have genotype data that passed the default quality thresholds for the Infinium array (call rate ... (Show More)

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