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phs000954 Longitudinal

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The Cleveland Family Study (CFS) is one cohort involved in the WGS project. The CFS was designed to provide fundamental epidemiological data on genetic and non-genetic risk factors for sleep disordered breathing (SDB). In brief, the CFS is a family-based study that enrolled a total of 2284 individuals from 361 families between 1990 and 2006. The sample was selected by identifying affected probands who had laboratory diagnosed obstructive sleep apnea. All first degree relatives, spouses and available second degree relatives of affected probands were studied. In addition, during the first 5 study years, neighborhood control families were identified through a neighborhood proband, and his/her spouses and first degree relatives. Each exam, occurring at approximately 4 year intervals, included new enrollment as well as follow up exams for previously enrolled subjects. For the first three visits, data, including an overnight sleep study, were collected in the participants' homes while the last visit occurred in a general clinical research ... (Show More)

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