eMERGE III: Columbia GENIE (Genomic Integration with EHR)

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phs000961 Case-Control

Study Description

The Columbia GENIE study contributes and shares phenotype and genotype data for individuals who were treated with our healthcare facilities and consented to share their data with dbGaP for scientific discovery. Some of these individuals have kidney or neurological problems and some are healthy volunteers from the Washington Height patient community. The purpose of this NOMAS study is to obtain information about physical features of the brain, carotid arteries, and heart. Some of our patients are pediatric patients with cardiac conditions.

The study sample consists of four patient cohorts:

  1. Northern Manhattan Study (NOMAS), N=1072
  2. Pediatric Cardiac Genomic Consortium (PCGC), n=374
  3. Caribbean Hispanics with Familial and Sporadic Late Onset Alzheimer's disease (Caribbean Hispanics/AD), n=330
  4. Alzheimer's Disease Sequencing Project (ADSP, n=44)
  5. Genetics of Chronic Kidney Disease Study, ... (Show More)

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dbGaP phs000961

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