HBCC Postmortem Psychiatric Molecular Studies

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phs000979 Case-Control

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This postmortem study examines molecular, genetic and epigenetic signatures in the brains of hundreds of subjects with or without mental disorders conducted by the DIRP NIMH Human Brain Collection Core (HBCC). The brain tissues are obtained under protocols approved by the CNS IRB (NCT00001260), with the permission of the next-of-kin (NOK) through the Offices of the Chief Medical Examiners (MEOs) in the District of Columbia, Northern Virginia and Central Virginia. Additional samples were obtained from the University of Maryland Brain and Tissue Bank (contracts NO1-HD-4-3368 and NO1-HD-4-3383) ( and the Stanley Medical Research Institute (

Clinical characterization, neuropathological screening, toxicological analyses, and dissections of various brain regions ... (Show More)

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