Genetic Basis of Cryptorchidism

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Non-syndromic cryptorchidism is a common malformation, but the genetic loci that increase susceptibility to cryptorchidism remain unknown. A genome-wide association study (GWAS) was completed to determine whether common allelic variants are associated with susceptibility to cryptorchidism. Two sets of discovery groups were genotyped. Group 1 (559 cases and 1772 controls) was genotyped with HumanHap550v1.0, HumanHap550v3.0 or Human610-quad v1.0. Group 2 (353 cases and 1149 controls) was genotyped with HumanOmniExpress-12v1 or HumanOmniExpress-12v1-1. The sample and marker QCs were performed separately using PLINK (v1.07; and logistic regression analyses were performed with first and second multidimensional scaling (MDS) components as covariates.

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