GWAS in an Amerindian Ancestry Population Reveals Novel Systemic Lupus Erythematosus Risk Loci and the Role of European Admixture

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phs001025 Case-Control

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The study comprises SLE patients recruited from specialist rheumatology clinics from the United States, Mexico, Argentina, Chile and Peru. Two strategies were used to enrich samples for Native American ancestry: a. previously genotyped Hispanic and Latin American and US Native American individuals were selected according to their ancestry based on 253 ancestry informative markers as part of the Lupus Large Association 2 Study. The approximate 35% of the samples were primarily of European and Native American admixture was selected; b. the recruitment of patients took place primarily in countries with little African admixture. All samples were genotyped on the HumanOmni1-Quad BeadChip using manifest H at the Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation. The Illumina clustering algorithm with GenomeStudio v2011.1 was used.

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