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The overall purpose of this study is to investigate the host genetic factors in response to influenza virus infection, with the focus on influenza vaccination in the first substudy "Adult Influenza Vaccine Genetics" and with the focus on influenza natural infection and other acute respiratory infections (ARIs) in the second substudy "Acute Viral Respiratory Infection Genetics". In the first substudy, healthy adults were enrolled in 2008 (male cohort) and 2010 (female cohort) and immunized with seasonal influenza vaccine. In the second substudy, healthy adults were invited to enroll to be followed for acute respiratory illness through two consecutive influenza seasons 2009-2010 and 2010-2011. Peripheral blood genomic DNA samples were collected from all the subjects, and time-series RNA and serum samples were obtained pre- and post- immunization/infection. Genotyping was carried out on peripheral blood genomic DNA samples using Illumina HumanOmniExpress-12 v1 arrays. Peripheral blood RNA samples obtained at each visit were analyzed using Illumina Human HT-12 (for all the samples) ... (Show More)

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