New England-Based Case-Control Study of Ovarian Cancer

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The case-control data provided to dbGaP were collected under NCI grant number CA54419 which had 3 enrollment phases: I (1992-1997), II (1998-2002) and III (2003-2008). Altogether, CA54419 funded 15 years of data and specimen collection, resulting in one of the longest running population based case-control studies of ovarian cancer. The study goal was to examine reproductive factors, lifestyle exposures, and genetic background in relation to ovarian cancer risk. The project recruited cases from Eastern Massachusetts and New Hampshire, and became known as the New England-based Case-Control study (NECC) of ovarian cancer.

3957 ovarian cancer cases diagnosed at ages 18-80 and residing in Eastern Massachusetts and New Hampshire were identified through tumor boards and registries. Of these, 3083 (78%) were eligible and among those eligible, 2203 (71%) were enrolled. After excluding 127 non-epithelial and 35 mixed mesodermal tumors, 2041 cases with epithelial tumors of ovarian, primary peritoneal, and fallopian tube origin, including borderline malignancies were included. On ... (Show More)

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