Population Genetics Analysis Program: Immunity to Vaccines/Infections - Smallpox Vaccination (NIAID/NIH)

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phs001057 Cohort

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The study examines the role of candidate human immune response gene polymorphisms (and their receptors, expression and function) and variations in immune response, among 1,000 active duty members of the military who were recently vaccinated with ACAM2000 or Dryvax Smallpox vaccine.

In addition to the phenotype and genotype data available through dbGaP, extensive clinical data are available through NIAID's ImmPort data portal; information to map the the data available in dbGaP to the data available in ImmPort is provided in the dataset pht005302.v1.p1 of the current study, dbGaP phs001057.v1.p1.

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dbGaP phs001057

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