NHLBI TOPMed - NHGRI CCDG: Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) Atrial Fibrillation Study

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phs001062 Case Set

Study Description

The Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) Atrial Fibrillation Study was initiated in 2001. The study has enrolled serial probands, unaffected and affected family members with atrial fibrillation. At enrollment participants undergo a structured interview to systematically capture their past medical history, AF treatments, and family history. An electrocardiogram is performed; the results of an echocardiogram are obtained; and blood samples are obtained.

For the TOPMed WGS project only early-onset atrial fibrillation cases were sequenced. Early-onset atrial fibrillation was defined as an age of onset prior to 66 years of age.

Comprehensive phenotypic and pedigree data for study participants are available through dbGaP phs001001.

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dbGaP phs001062

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