Sequencing to Guide Cancer Care (CanSeq)

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The overall goal of the CanSeq U01 project is to study the impact of whole-exome sequencing (WES) on the clinical care of cancer patients and oncology provider practices.
The aims of Project 1 are to implement and establish the feasibility of germline and somatic WES in patients with advanced solid tumors (lung and colon); to develop a framework for interpreting and reporting for exome sequencing data; to determine the proportion of patients with "actionable items" compared to existing technologies; and to report on the percentage of patients in whom unique WES findings led to a clinical action.
The aims of Project 2 are to implement a production-scale platform for WES from archival (FFPE) material; to identify biologically relevant somatic and germline alterations existing in tumor/normal DNA from individual patients; to produce an evidence-based list of clinically "actionable" genetic alterations; and to develop inferential models that predict the utility of tumor genomic data within the larger clinical context.
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