Inflammatory Bowel Disease Exome Sequencing Study

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The Broad Institute and Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) are launching a new initiative to perform large-scale exome sequencing in inflammatory bowel disease (Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis). Given the considerable unmet therapeutic need in inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), the recent emergence of rapid and efficient genome sequencing technologies and the compelling evidence for the role of genetics in these disorders have motivated the founding of a collaborative sequencing effort geared toward the discovery of high-impact genetic variants influencing IBD risk that can serve as guides to future therapeutic development and diagnostic tools.

The initiative will be directed by experienced IBD researchers from MGH and the Broad Institute but aims to develop a collaborative exome sequencing network that will partner with researchers worldwide. Two large pilot exome sequencing projects are being launched immediately as part of this initiative based on established genetic study designs that enrich for the discovery of rare, high-impact risk and protective ... (Show More)

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