Follow-up of Ovarian Cancer Genetic Association and Interaction Studies (FOCI)

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(Excerpted/paraphrased from original grant application): FOCI seeks to expand our understanding of epithelial ovarian cancer through a coordinated and comprehensive approach. Project 1 will focus on discovery, expansion, and replication. By pooling GWAS, we expect to identify new associations and achieve independent replication, explore whether there are risk variants specific for histologic subtypes, and evaluate structural polymorphisms - copy number variants - as risk factors. Finally, Project 1 will leverage the GWAS data to correlate DNA variants with a new endpoint - survival. Project 2 will focus on biological studies designed to help inform interpretation of findings from Project 1. This will include efforts to identify the functional consequences of variants and improve understanding of biological mechanisms. Project 3 will include epidemiologic studies of gene by gene interaction, gene by environment interaction, and development of risk prediction models. The collective effort builds upon the strengths and history of collaboration inherent in the Ovarian Cancer ... (Show More)

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