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The ALCHEMIST study will accrue patients that are potentially eligible for the Intergroup adjuvant studies and perform central EGFR and ALK genotyping using a central reference laboratory certified by the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments of 1988 (CLIA). Patients may either present prior to surgery with resectable NSCLC, may present following complete resection (before or after adjuvant chemotherapy). Eligibility is limited to those with NSCLC of a non-squamous histological subtype and those with adequate performance status and organ function for future trial eligibility. All subjects must submit tissue for central EGFR and ALK genotyping, as well as additional tissue for advanced genomics at the CCG. Subjects may have had local genotyping done prior to registration, however if these results shows no targetable EGFR or ALK alterations (or if it shows a KRAS mutation) then the patient will not be eligible for this screening protocol given the primary aim is to facilitate accrual to the adjuvant studies. All subjects will provide peripheral blood for matched normal ... (Show More)

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