NHLBI TOPMed: The Genetics and Epidemiology of Asthma in Barbados

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Asthma is a complex disease where the interplay between genetic factors and environmental exposures influences susceptibility and disease prognosis. Asthmatics of African descent tend to have more severe asthma and more severe clinical symptoms than individuals of European ancestry. The baseline prevalence of asthma in Barbados is high (~20%), and from admixture analyses, we have determined that the proportion of African ancestry among Barbadian founders is similar to U.S. African Americans, rendering this a unique population to disentangle the genetic basis for asthma disparities among African ancestry populations in general. We therefore performed whole genome sequencing on 1,100 individuals from the Barbados Genetics of Asthma Study (BAGS), in order to generate additional discovery of rare and structural variants that may control risk to asthma.

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